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I Vote Because It’s My Right … And Responsibility

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Featured Blogger Kristal Lauren High co-founded and Editor in Chief of Politic365

As a 30 year-old woman of color, November 6, 2012 bears particular significance.

It’s bigger than the reality that in this year people of color, the elderly, low-income and underserved members of our communities have had their basic civil rights threatened by numerous voter identification laws across the country.

It’s more than the fact that women’s rights to equal pay and the right to choose have been assaulted by men interested in maintaining the status quo.

And it’s larger than the double-digit unemployment rates that have loomed large for African Americans, Hispanics and people under the age of 30 for months.

As the granddaughter of sharecroppers and Bahamian immigrants, and the daughter of a woman who integrated both her high school and college and a father who became the first black vice president of corporate tax at the Fortune 500 company at which he worked, November 6, 2012 is about honoring history and making an indelible impact on the future.

For far too long, the magic of the American Dream has begun to deteriorate at the hands of fear-mongering, ultra-partisan politics, rhetoric rather than reality, and fiction that trumps even the soundest of facts.

During this year’s election, women across the country must vote their conscience as the hearts, souls and backbones of American families. By doing so, we ensure that our nation is best positioned to improve our future educational, economic, healthcare, social and political outcomes.

By exercising our right to vote, we have the opportunity to actively participate in the politics and policy-making activities that will shape the course of American life for years to come.

To guarantee progress, continue to enhance opportunities for diversity and inclusion, and to honor the legacies of those before us, we must exercise our rights as American citizens, as women, to engage in the most basic of civic rights: VOTE – on Election Day and every day!

Kristal Lauren High co-founded and serves as Editor in Chief of Politic365, a multi-media publication focused exclusively on politics and public policy from a multicultural point of view. In addition to framing the publication’s editorial vision, Ms. High focuses on strategic partnerships, brand expansion and business development.Prior to launching Politic365, Ms. High developed an expertise in broadband adoption among minority, low-income and underserved populations through her work with the Minority Media and Telecommunications Council and the Joint Center for Political and Economic Studies’ Media & Technology Institute.

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